Thank you, Midwives! In honour of the ‘International Day of the Midwife’

Author // Lucy Atkinson
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Giving birth is a time of intensity, and high emotion. It can be exhilarating, exhausting, and many things in between. For many women, this is a time of incredible joy and empowerment.

Sadly, for some, it can be a frightening experience; one that leaves the mother feeling powerless and out of control; leaving her not really sure what happened and why. In such cases, most Trusts in the UK offer a Birth Afterthoughts service.

This is an opportunity for the mother – and her partner if required – to talk through her notes with an experienced midwife. The midwife listens, explains, takes action if required – just another of the many faceted role that midwives play in supporting women through pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond. This can be incredibly helpful for mothers to come to terms with what happened. This service is available to all, although many women aren’t aware of it. In the aftermath of birth, with emotions and hormones running high, it is something that can be forgotten or overlooked. If you feel this service would be helpful to you, you can contact the Jessop Wing here.

In contrast, where mothers have had wonderful births, where they have felt supported and cared for by their midwives, they often don’t get the chance to give their thanks to those midwives who were there for them. In the aftermath of birth, with emotions and hormones running high, plus shift changes and the general ‘busyness’ of maternity hospitals, it can be hard to find that moment to say ‘Thank you’.

Coincidentally, there are currently two opportunities to offer your thanks to the midwives in Sheffield.

Rachel Gardner, Chair of the Maternity Services Liaison Committee here in Sheffield, recently made this beautiful film to send to the midwives at Jessops and in the community. If you are currently pregnant, had a baby in the last 2 years or interested in improving maternity services then you can join the ‘Forging Families’ group here so that you can feedback to the maternity and young children front-line services in the area. Let your voice be heard!

Parents in Sheffield are also being urged to send in their photos for a special book to be presented to Jessops. You can find out more here. Please do take some time to send your thanks and a photo.

Today, on the ‘International Day of the Midwife’, we remember and give our thanks for all the midwives the world over; midwives, we thank you for working hard every day to ensure women and newborns receive the quality care that they deserve.

Personally, I would like to thank Helen at Jessops. She was a permanently friendly and cheery face in the days I spent on the HDU. She put up with my bad jokes, supported me, cared for me and brought me photos of my beautiful daughter where she lay in the SCBU. She encouraged me to express milk for my newborn daughter, and I’m sure is the reason I went on to successfully breastfeed my girl. Thank you!

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