Daydreaming of the Perfect Birth

Author // Lucy Atkinson
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Daydreaming of the Perfect Birth…

When you attend a Wise Hippo Birthing class, we ask you to daydream about your perfect birth, as if it has already happened. Everything happening just the way you want it to, you being so calm and in control, your body opening with ease and that final wonderful moment when you meet your baby for the first time.

Sometimes, Mums worry about this; ‘What if it doesn’t happen the way I have imagined it?’ they ask.

Well, most people when asked to daydream about being on a perfect tropical beach can imagine this quite easily; it seems so easy to tap into that feeling of ease and peace, to enjoy taking a few moments to imagine it as if you are there, to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and hear the gentle sound of the waves lapping at the shore….

People don’t normally waste time and energy worrying about the ‘what ifs’: What if the plane is delayed? Or we encounter turbulence? Or there is a loud party of drunken football supporters on the flight and I don’t get any sleep? What if I get food poisoning? Sunburnt? Stung by a jellyfish?

No, we tend to focus on the perfect imaginary moment, knowing that we would cope with any of these eventualities if they should happen to arise. We just spend time enjoying that wonderful visualisation and enjoying the benefits that we gain from this time spent in pleasant contemplation.

Imagining your perfect birth in this way will help you to achieve it; by calming your mind and looking forward to the event with positivity, reminding yourself of the joy of that moment, you will release endorphins and experience the wonderful sense of calm and positivity that they bring. When the time comes your body will remember this, and is more likely to birth with ease – with your mind ‘out of they way’ in a wonderful daydream, your body and your baby know exactly what to do.

I would love to give birth again, but I’m not going to. My family feels complete just the way it is so I content myself with helping mums to achieve their ‘perfect birth’ – and enjoying those lovely baby snuggles when I finally get to meet them!

If I did give birth again, my daydream of my perfect birth would include my husband and a doula there, both of them supporting and encouraging me. Her calming presence would be so important in achieving the birth I wanted, feeling supported and nurtured as my body worked so effectively to birth my baby. I can see this picture so clearly in my minds eye, and it is a beautiful one!

Take time to daydream about your perfect birth, and check out the options available to support you; a doula, hypnobirthing, independent midwife. It is worth doing all you can to make this the most wonderful day in your life, the day you meet your baby.

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