Birth Affirmations – What are they? Do they help?

Author // Lucy Atkinson
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Do you ever notice thoughts whizzing through your head – not very helpful ones, at that?

Many of us, especially if you have ever struggled with stress or anxiety, have an almost constant stream of negative chatter going through our minds. It gets so you don’t even notice it is happening – unless you make a conscious effort to notice and do something about it!

Change can only happen if you make it happen – change what you do. As the cheesy old NLP saying goes, ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll aways get what you’ve always got’.

These old negative thoughts are simply a habit, and often take you into an imagined future world – and of course, you tend to only imagine the worst case scenarios, right? This is particularly true of birth: What if I panic? What if everything goes wrong? What if it is so painful I can’t cope? What if… what if.. what if…?

Birth Affirmations are simply a way of learning to speak to yourself more positively about birth. The more you learn about how your body works in labour and birth, and learn to trust your body and your baby, the more confident you will feel about labour and birth. Making a habit of using Birth Affirmations, ether by listening to them, reading them or writing them – it is lovely to write out your favourite ones and stick them up around you – helps your subconscious to learn that your body is perfectly capable of birthing your baby. 

This habit also helps you to feel more positive generally, and helps you to really develop that wonderful bond with your baby, even before they are born. 

The Wise Hippo programme includes some lovely Birth Affirmations, both written and as an MP3. You can also download these beautiful words and images from We The Parents.


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  • 02nd August 2017 at 16:16 |

    Thanks for featuring our Positive Affirmation Poster. And thank you for the excellent article pointing out how positive birth statements are so simple but can be profoundly powerful.

    Keep up the excellent work. Power to the hypno-mammas!

    Neve x

  • 02nd August 2017 at 16:25 |

    Thank you, Neve. Your Positive Affirmation Poster is beautiful!

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