Best Day Ever!

Author // Lucy Atkinson
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We were promised snow last night. BBC Weather assured us that there would be heavy snowfall overnight continuing through the day.

We woke up; the kids excitedly peered out of the window to find… sleet. Cold, wet, slushy, sleet.

Undeterred, we told the kids it was forecast to keep snowing, there would be so much more snow later. We drove into town to do the supermarket shop with Small Boy (aged 6) excitedly talking about the sledging we had promised. “It’s the Best Day Ever”, he announced. My husband started mildly teasing him, as he has proclaimed many days to be the Best Day Ever. He gave it some thought and then stuck to his guns. “It is the Best Day Ever. We’re going sledging”.

He continued his excited, never ending stream of chatter. “It’s like the Arctic”, he declared, eyes wide as saucers. I looked at the hills barely covered with snow and found with a bit of squinting I could see an Arctic-ness about the landscape.

It started snowing more heavily as we finished the shopping and the excitement mounted. Driving back there was more snow covering the ground, but when we got home it was still disappointingly muddy rather than the magic white-covered ground we had hoped for.

Nonetheless, we set out with the sledge. We were all wrapped up in full snow gear; the kids even had their ski goggles on, as we knew how windy it would be up on the hill. We trudged up the start of Lose Hill through mud knee deep in places. As we climbed higher and it got colder, we were disappointed to find that the bitter wind had blown much of the snow away. That same, bitter wind blew needle sharp sleet into our faces and we huddled down into our snoods to keep the worst off.

We pushed on upwards, until finally deciding we had gone high enough – the wind was even icier, and strong enough to blow us almost off our feet. We took it in turns to sledge down a thinly snow-covered section of the path, giggling wildly as we bounced and jolted down. Big Girl (aged 8) and I stood watching Small Boy and Husband as they took their turn, the wind blasting the sleet into our faces, turning them bright red and sore even through our snoods. I stood between her and the wind, cuddling her tight and declaring I would always be her windshield.

A few more turns and we were ready to traipse back down the hill, back to our warm and welcoming home. Big Girl told me she had had so much fun; her best bits were us cuddling with me being her windshield, and when Daddy had crashed into a gorse bush and shouted ‘Ow! Get off me, Gorse Bush!”

Small Boy was bubbling over with the excitement of it all. And you know what? He was right. It was the Best Day Ever. We all lived it with the very best of our ability; our ability to love, laugh, play, enjoy the moment, right there and then.

Imagine if you could prepare to have the best birth ever. Feeling confident that you have the tools and techniques you need, confident that your partner can support you to the best of their ability. No matter what happens on the day, no matter what twists and turns life throws at you, you know you have the right tools and can make the best decisions so that you have the right birth on the day.

That is the true value of The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme. I will always be grateful that hypnobirthing allowed me to have the right births on the day; and will always be grateful for those two wonderful children who remind me to always be the best I can be, enjoying all the best of life.

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