Your Post Birth Session

Mother and BabyIt is so important to have time after your birth to process how your birth went.

When things go well, sometimes you just want to shout it from the rooftops! I’m here, I will listen without judgement to just how amazing you were. I will celebrate with you; I understand how hard you worked and how joyful you feel. You can talk about all of this in a way that maybe you can’t with others; those who perhaps don’t understand as you do how amazing it is.

If things don’t go to plan; if life throws you a curve ball you weren’t expecting; if you weren’t supported in the way you would have liked, or some other circumstance occurred that means you changed your plans, you need time and space to reflect on this. I will hear you, I will hold that space for you. You can cry; you can share those feelings with me, without judgement.

Either way, this is space for you; allow yourself to be supported and heard. Allow yourself to revel in all the strength you showed, no matter what the circumstances.

Closing the Bones and post natal support

Many cultures have rituals, practices and customs that support the mother once she has given birth to her baby. Rest, nourishment, and emotional and physical healing are all so important, so much more than ‘getting back to your pre baby body’, or receiving and catering for endless guests. In my own Western European culture, many of our customs have seemingly been lost over time. I would love to ask my mother, grandmothers, and aunts more about how women were cared for in their time, but most of my female relatives are no longer here.

Across the world, many cultures still practice their ways and customs of supporting the mother and new born baby. This time is recognised as the time of the mother and her baby; when the mother is nourished, supported and cared for, she has space to learn how to care for and nourish her baby. It is a beautiful dance between generations of women, allowing the mother the space and time she needs to make this huge adjustment to being the mother of this baby.

People often focus so much on the birth, preparing for this event as if it were the ‘goalposts’, the only aim. Of course the birth is important, and preparing for birth is vital; however birth is when the next chapter of the journey starts! I encourage all parents that I work with to start thinking about their culture and customs surrounding the post natal period. Start planning the support, in the same way you made a birth plan for your labour and birth. Think about your wishes, and how you will communicate them.

In order to support the couples I work with, and also to deepen my own knowledge and explore post partum traditions around the world, I have studied Moroccan and Mexican traditions. Both cultures – along with many others – use a cloth to support post birth healing and wellbeing.

In a gentle practice using a long, woven cloth, I will ‘close’ you from head to toe, while you lie down and relax. While you are pregnant, a lot of change happens throughout the whole body, but particularly the hips and pelvis; the body experiences stresses and strains it has not experienced before, This practice helps to return your body to a more ‘closed’ state, while also providing a wonderful sense of being nurtured and supported.


It is best to attend the session with your birth partner so that you can both have a space to talk about the birth. Also, it is useful to have someone to look after your baby while you experience the Closing the Bones practice. The sessions lasts about 2 hours, and can be any time after the birth. It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothes although you will remain fully clothed throughout.