Home birth testimonial


I had my son, who was born in 2013, at a local hospital. I’d arrived 10cm dilated and still had to be checked over in triage which, in hindsight, was a really un-welcoming and stressful thing to go through. I then proceeded to go into a pool and found myself pushing for hours to no avail and ended up out of pool and my son being helped out by a kiwi (mini ventouse suction). I felt like I’d climbed Mount Everest but somehow I’d done it without pain relief.

When I fell pregnant again, this time with a girl, due to much worse morning sickness I didn’t start thinking/worrying about labour again until late on (33 weeks approx). From the birth preparation I/we had done first time around I loved the idea of Homebirth but when I first broached the subject with my husband he wasn’t too keen. I think partly due to the fact that, in his view, labour first time had gone ok and I had that experience to draw on going into hospital. But this was the scary bit for me- labour starting, and having to make the trip to hospital not knowing if I would be turned away or met with a cool reception from midwives. To try and allay my/our fears and refresh our existing knowledge I contacted Lucy. She was so positive over that first phone call and said that although we didn’t have time for the full hypno birthing course, she could develop a one off refresher session for us.
We went for this at 35 weeks. During our session I recalled our son’s birth story and afterwards Lucy asked ‘why not homebirth?’. Just by asking this question, in the presence of my husband, allowed us to start thinking about it seriously and as Lucy suggested; plan for a homebirth and have a plan b if on the day it wasn’t right. So this is what we did and I felt more confident and in control than I had in the preceding weeks.

Prior to going into full labour, my body had started to do the work- I had a few days where I thought contractions were starting, only to stop again. On the day our daughter was born, mild contractions started in the early hours so we called a midwife. Because I was down for homebirth, she came to me, checked me out. I was actually only in latent labour, which admittedly was disheartening, however the fact that the midwife had come to me was brilliant and gave me the confidence that when it started properly someone would be coming again. By mid- late afternoon contractions had started again but I was quite calm (probably in the knowledge that someone was coming to me rather than me having to make that difficult decision about when to go to hospital). My husband called the hospital at 7pm and the midwife arrived at 7 45pm. After checking me out I was 6cm dilated and she felt a baby wasn’t far away! I was now having very strong contractions with hardly a break in between. My midwife put her hands on my shoulders and spoke very quietly about how to breathe through. By 8 45pm approx I was ready to push – I was leaning over a birthing ball with my husband on one side and midwife on another. After some very hard pushing- not being sure if I could carry on- our daughter was born at 9 11pm- I could hardly believe she came so quickly!
I had an injection to expel my placenta. Unfortunately from then I was still bleeding quite a lot. I heard the midwives call the paramedics. They were like green angels and got me safely to the hospital in an ambulance. Although this wasn’t the perfect scenario, this is not what I will remember about our daugther’s birth. I will remember that I took control in the weeks before her birth and was looked after by amazing midwives who fully supported me.

Thank you Lucy

S & D, Sheffield