The most important birthday you will ever plan!

Close up of baby's foot in mother's handBringing a baby into the world is a life-defining experience – no matter how, when or where you give birth.
It is sometimes said, “A healthy baby is all that matters.” How about a healthy, happy mummy as well? Here at Wise Hippo we believe that the birth of your baby can – and should – be a wonderful and empowering experience.
While birth plans may be infinite in variety, in reality there is only one perfect plan – the one that is right on the day, for both you and your baby. At Wise Hippo we want to give you the tools you need to have a perfect birth, one where you can reflect with certainty that all the decisions made were yours and yours alone.
Investing in your birthing day with The Wise Hippo will allow you to explore the most relaxing and calming methods to help your labour progress naturally, at the right pace for you and baby. We will help you feel relaxed and empowered in your birth, by imparting invaluable techniques that will allow you to gently welcome a new life. Birth is a joyous moment of pure love and clarity, and we want every mother to have the chance to experience that joy.
No matter what happens on the day, we believe that:
  • The perfect birth is the birth that is right for mum and baby on the day.
  • The perfect birth is one where the couple looks back and knows that all decisions were theirs.
  • The perfect birth is one in which mum and dad felt they were always in control, even if that meant making a decision to hand over to the experts because there were special circumstances.
Parents report back that no matter the circumstances, the Wise Hippo techniques make a difference.
Reported benefits include:
Calmer, more comfortable birth experiences
Improved recovery after birth
A more relaxed baby is more likely to settle more easily
Calmer births with less intervention can help baby to latch on and establish breastfeeding more easily