Confident C-Section

The Right Birth on the Day

Do you already have a C-Section planned, or think you may be planning one? This programme is for those of you who have made the decision that a Caesarian section is ‘the right birth on the day’. It is important that you have felt completely involved in the decision-making, as women who fully understand the need for a Caesarean section are more likely to feel positive about their birth and less likely to feel negative or upset than women who feel unsure and under pressure.

You will have already gone through the process of questioning and reviewing information that has led you to this decision; if you have any doubts about your decision, do call me and we can talk through the ‘negotiation process’ first, before booking this course. This will ensure that you feel confident that it is the right choice for your baby’s birth.

Many of the techniques in the full Wise Hippo Birthing Programme are suitable for helping you to stay calm and make informed choices; however, this programme has been written specifically for the issues involved in choosing a C-section.

During the programme of 3 sessions (each session of 2 1/2 hours), you will cover:

  • How you feel about your upcoming c-section
  • What is a C-section
  • The mind-body connection, and hypnosis
  • Taking charge of your thoughts, and dealing with negative influences
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Breathing
  • Fear release
  • Negotiation
  • Birth planning
  • Birth partner’s role
  • Confident c-section preparation

These sessions are available for you privately, so that you can fully discuss and explore your individual circumstances. They are held in my home at mutually convenient times. The cost of the full course, plus the course materials (a workbook and numerous relaxation and preparation MP3s), and ongoing phone and email support is £245.