For the dads!

Are you feeling uncertain; frightened; unsure of how you can best support your partner through her upcoming labour and birth? You’re not alone! 

When my older brother was born in 1969, my dad called an ambulance at the first sign of my mum going into labour. She was taken off to hospital while my dad stayed at home for the long, difficult 3 days she laboured. After my brother was born, the hospital called the neighbour (my parents didn’t even have a phone back then!), who went round to the house, knocked on the door and told my dad he had a son.

That was the standard role that fathers played in labour and birth in those days. 

Fast forward one generation: fathers are now generally expected to be at the birth. Mums expect it. Society expects it. We see it on TV. (If you both feel, for whatever reason, that the father is not the best person to support you as a labouring mother, I totally support that too!).

But no-one really tells dads what is expected of them. What are you supposed to do while your partner is giving birth? How can you best support and help your partner? What if you panic?

About the Birthing4Blokes Online Course

There’s a wealth of information out there for expectant mothers on pregnancy and birth, but so often the father has been left out of the conversation, BUT that has now changed. Male midwife Mark Harris has filled that vacuum, drawing on his decades of experience working with couples as they make the transition to being new parents.

You will learn, through experience, about important subjects ranging from massage to sex, and pain relief during labour to breastfeeding; this program is an honest, open and frank discussion about pregnancy and birth from a man’s point of view.

This online course complements the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme to help you to prepare yourself to be as supportive as you can be while she is giving birth, and to equip you to be the very best you can be.

You, together with Mark, will explore how to harness the power of birthing hormones, how to remain calm and aware in the birthing room, how to communicate effectively, and ultimately how to live the process of becoming a father to the full.

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